ZENIT / XIN.AT Server Monitoring

To reach each section of server monitoring, just click on the respective logo:

Apache webserver statistics Gene6 FTP server P.R.T.G.

(Analysis of Apache webserver traffic, transferred data volumes, etc. done by Webalizer.)

(User-based statistics for the implicit SSL domain of the Gene6 FTP server, updated on an hourly basis! Access only granted to FTP users using FTP server credentials, your browser is required to have proper HTTPS and digest auth support. Statistics from the old Serv-U FTP server have been migrated, but will only show up after you logged in to G6 FTPD at least once.)

(System-wide traffic and system monitoring. CPU-load monitoring, traffic on the network interfaces of the server, etc.)

Uptime Service / network check "Taranis" RAID-6 file server array status

(Uptime of the XIN.AT server "ZENIT", generated using Batch, ActivePerl and uptime.exe, updated every 7 minutes!)

(Check running services and test if all network interfaces are up and running Generated using Batch and ActivePerl, updated all 12 minutes! Note: This is currently not working in a reliable fashion.)

(Status of the Areca ARC-1883ix-12 RAID-6 controller and the hard disk RAID-6 array connected to it, updated on a daily basis.)

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